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We’re delighted to be working with Active Travel Mullingar again – this time on their Facebook presence. We just love the style of Active Travel and have had so much fun applying it to their Facebook page. God knows we are always banging on about Facebook and it’s strengths for getting the word out about your group/organisation/business and we felt it was perfect for the Active Travel message. It’s early days yet for the page but we’ve got it lushed up with a lovely profile pic and custom welcome tab.

It’s not all about appearances though! We’ll step you through the additions and give you some great tips for your Facebook page 🙂

Profile Pic

Like it? It’s cute, distinctly Active Travel Mullingar and works well as a thumbnail. Remember this is going to be the face of your Facebook presence so of all things we’d recommend you get this looking awesome. Like a business card it should look professional and not squished and bitty. Also consider how it appears in the thumbnail that appears beside your wall posts.

Welcome Tab

Custom Welcome Tab - Active Travel Mullingar Facebook Page

Custom Welcome Tab

First up it’s the Welcome Tab. This is a custom Facebook tab designed and created by Cookie Web for the ATM page. It’s a wonderful way to introduce new fans to your page and your message. It will appear when non-fans first access the page. We use the opportunity to tell them about ATM, it’s goals, lead them to events and helpful info and maps around Mullingar.

 The Wall

The Wall - Active Travel Mullingar Facebook Page

The Wall

Where the action happens. Probably the most important part of the Facebook page – this is where you connect with your people! If the wall posts are dull, infrequent, too frequent even you can loose fans. It’s so easy for Facebookers to unsubscribe from updates so it’s more vital than ever to plan and deliver your posts with some panache! We say: make sure the content is compelling, try a variety of media (i.e. pics, video) and always ask your subscribers to contribute.

Info Tab

Info Tab - Active Travel Mullingar Facebook Page

Info Tab

This is something you can all do easily yet often the Info tab contains nothing but one or two lines and a link to the website. This is your opportunity to give people another overview of your products/services/goals etc. Give them links, tell them more! Work it!! Check out what we’ve done with ATMs info tab for ideas.


Events - Active Travel Mullingar Facebook Page


Another way to let people know what’s going on is with the events facility – you don’t have to invite people – just post up any company events as it’s an excellent way to show off your vibrant business.

Photos & Albums

Photos - Active Travel Mullingar Facebook Page

Photos & Albums

Once again – easy for you to add an album and photos to your Facebook page. We can’t tell you enough how much people like to looks a photos – of anything it seems! Do divide them into Albums so people can click into something that interests them. Events, launches, product & services, new products, new staff…

Custom Tabs

Custom Tab Maps & Routes - Active Travel Mullingar Facebook Page

Custom Tab Maps & Routes

Sometimes you might have something special that you want to add to your Facebook page. In this case Active Travel wanted to showcase the maps and routes for walking and cycling in Mullingar directly within Facebook. We were easily able to put this together for them. Other ideas might include – a sign up tab for your newsletter, a shopping tab highlighting your sales items, a video introduction to your business. The options are pretty much unlimited. You can do your own through a Facebook App provider but we would caution you to look at the monthly subscribe costs – it might just be cheaper for your local friendly web designers to whip up something perfectly suited to you without a subscription necessary.

Especially if you are a Mullingar local please do visit Active Travel Mullingar’s Facebook page and LIKE! Are just take a snoop around and think how you might implement some of these ideas into your own Facebook page. Do you need to set up your Facebook page? Our WebTweaks.ie website will show you how…

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