Arthurstown Landfill – Clean & Green

Cookieweb recently launched the new website for Arthurstown Landfill. Arthurstown Landfill is essentially a dumping ground for public waste. People tend to have a bad impression of what goes on there. However these guys want to tell the world about the kind of innovations that they have going on on- site. For instance the rubbish comes in palettes, it’s then stacked and covered by dirt. Because it’s very organised there is very little smell or vermin around. To keep vermin (rats, mice, seagulls) at bay these guys use falcons and eagles to keep the pests to a minimum. After the waste is covered by dirt it begins to break down and the gas released is captured and this green energy used to power much of the houses in local area. They are the largest Landfill gas to Electricity generation facility in Ireland. Check out their site.

Arthurstown Landfill – click to launch website