eCommerce for South African products

Kilcock, in north County Kildare boasts a fabulous little shop called BuySAfrica and within it’s walls you’ll find all sorts South African products – cereals & staples, sweets, sausages and dried beef specialities (made with Irish beef of course!), drinks, wines, crafts… As you may know South Africans do a mean BBQ (almost as good as an Aussie one) and you’ll find all you need for a kicking braii with boerwors, disposable bbq and of course Mrs Ball’s famous chutney.

Cookie Web has recently recreated BuySAfrica’s online shop – it looks fab!! With around 500 products online any SA ex pat can expect to be able to find their favourites and stock up on their larder essentials without leaving their house – BuySAfrica deliver all over Ireland. Check it out –

BuySAfrica - online shop specialising in South African products.

BuySAfrica – online shop specialising in South African products.

The shop is powered by PrestaShop. We love Presta – it’s open source (free!), lightweight but robust and powerful, a doddle to setup, has a thriving community of developers and is easy to template – which is why our new shops look so great!