Ingenious Website for Podcast Tours

Cookie Web recently launched is the Ingenious Ireland website. Ingenious Ireland offers unique and highly interesting podcast tours of spots around Ireland such as ‘Hill of Tara’ and ‘Dublin on the Rocks’. Visitors can browse the website, listen to podcast excerpts and then purchase and download the tours to their mp3 enabled device.

Ingenious Ireland - Guided Podcast Tours

Ingenious Ireland – Guided Podcast Tours

The website is developed in WordPress of course and we’re using an ingenious number of plugins to enable people to view the products and complete the purchase. The podcast pages are very informative, featuring a great little image gallery, resource links, download excerpt button and shopping cart facility. Check out and definitely listen to the ‘Hill of Tara’ podcast tour.

The brains and the voice behind the Ingenious Ireland podcast tours is science and technology journalist Mary Mulvihill. She wrote the award winning book Ingenious Ireland with a new edition coming in 2011. Be sure to check out the event listings on the website for upcoming public talks and tours such as ‘Lab Coats and Lace‘.

Socially Ingenious

Mary is a dab hand at blogging (see her own and makes excellent use of twitter to promote Ingenious Ireland. The tweets are informative, witty and not pushy. Check out the Ingenious stream. Facebook is also utilised to promote the tours Рbecome a fan of Ingenious Ireland.