Irish Medical Donations

Irish Medical Donations is a non profit making charity whose aim is to collect, store and refurbish/recondition medical equipment and disposables from the Irish Health system, either in hospitals or the community, and link these items with hospitals in the Developing Countries that require them. It’s a great idea and worth having a read of their site to find out about the great working they are doing.

irish medical donations

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2 Responses to “Irish Medical Donations”

  1. tim o brien

    Hi There
    I am just enquiring about donating walking frames. I work in a nursing home in Cork and we are having a massive clear-out of
    surplus equipment. As it stands we have about 20 walking/zimmer frames that are of no use to us any longer as the past owners
    have died or have been discharged from our facility. Also we have some mattresses that are no longer any use.
    Basically what I am wondering is if they would be of any benefit to your organization and if so how do we go about donating these?

    Kind Regards
    Tim O Brien