Kavaleer’s Garth & Bev are getting social

We are very excited about this – the gorgeous Garth & Bev from Kavaleer is on RTE’s The Den for the next few weeks. Tune in at 2.50pm! It is beautifully done and very engaging, especially for kids one year old and up. Of course the disclaimer here is that Gary Timpson, Garth & Bev’s producer is my hubby but I can still be objective! Sit your little ‘uns down in front of this and they’ll love it.

`Kavaleer presents Garth & Bev - click to launch site

`Kavaleer presents Garth & Bev – click to launch site

Cookie Web were engaged to create a holding page for the www.garthandbev.tv (there is a complete website pending) and to setup a Fanpage for the program on facebook. Facebook is a notorious for it’s poor interface design and this makes it a bit tricky for people to setup pages – once it is setup though it’s a doddle to update the page with pics, videos, links and news. Each time you update your legion of fans will received updates on their profile walls – it is a brilliant way to keep in touch with your audience. But, as always, only update when you have something genuinely interesting to put out there. You will run the risk of being de-fanned if you insist on updating daily (or even more horribly, hourly) with stuff only your Mum would want to hear about. Luckily Gary and Andy don’t suffer from being boring – and yes I am still being objective!! Check out the Garth and Bev Fanpage and please become a fan!

Of course we were honoured guests at the launch party on the 22nd of November at the fabulous Odessa Club in Dublin. It was a fantastic turnout – the place was literally jammed with kids stuffing themselves with popcorn and getting their themselves sketched by the resident caricaturist. But a hush fell over the noisy crowd when Garth and Bev started up on the big screen and all the kids (and adults as well) watched spellbound (and silent) as two 11 minute episodes played out. Check out the photos of the day on the Kavaleer blog. And don’t forget to watch the show … and become a fan!