Journo Finally Gets a Blog

Orla had been bugging Ronan for years to get a website and when his acclaimed biography of Joe Dolan was released last year we practically had to beg him to let us build him something… a website, blog, landing page… anything in html that acknowledges your existence! Thankfully Orla finally convinced him that blog would suit him to a tee and then it just was up to me to apply a design that suited the man. Ronan is self described as “journalist, writer, wears glasses” – And this is what we used as our inspiration to create – we love it! More importantly so does Ronan and he’s taken to it like a duck to water: blogging before the website was even launched!

Ronan Casey - Click to launch website

Ronan Casey – Click to launch website

Ronan is a keen tweeter and we used a brilliant little plugin, Tweet Tools, that shows his latest tweets on the website and also automatically sends out a tweet when a new post is published. Hook that into Facebook and you’re all socialised up with minimum effort. Twittering is all about up to second conversation snippets – so if you do have a website than hooking in your twitter updates (tweets) is great way to keep your website fresh and up to date. We’ve recently done something similar to great effect on interlinking the blog, twitter account and Facebook Fanpage.