Mullingar Auctions

It’s been a busy month for Cookie Web with a number of sites launched – so expect a bit more activity on the Cookie Blog this month as we show off a little. First up is the Mullingar Auction Rooms. Based in the Lynn Industrial Estate in Mullingar, County Westmeath, the Mullingar Auction Rooms has hosted 3 auctions since the beginning of the year. Michael Lynn, proprietor and auctioneer, realised the neccessity of promoting the auction dates and dispersing catalogues online through his own website rather than relying on drop-ins and mailouts. He was also keen to reach a another target market, the 25 – 35 years old group, and educate them on the wisdom of acquiring a pre-loved piece that looks unique, has a bit of history and if your lucky, you can pick up for song.

Mullingar Auction Rooms

Mullingar Auction Rooms - click to launch website

Mullingar Auction Rooms – click image to launch website

The website is fully content managed through WordPress. New auctions can be easily added, along with a gallery of selected thumbnails and the full list of items for auction (typically between 500-600 items per auction) available in PDF format. In the coming months Mullingar Auction Rooms will be launching a room of their own on eBay – we’ll let you know when that gets up and running. And a thank you is order to the Westmeath County Enterprise Board who funded part of the development of this website through their website grant scheme.

Auctions are great craic!

Having been a little ignorant and nervous around the concept of an auction, Orla and I are now converts. Last month I picked up a gorgeous garden seat and lovely edwardian hall stand – both at a bargain! (There are perks to a R****sion after all). It was dead easy too. Not able to stay around for the whole day, I simply placed a ‘commission bid’ on the piece I was interested in; I let my name and number and the maximum I was willing to fork out. Fortunately for me the piece came a whole €40 under what I was willing to pay. Add on the 15% commission and the beautiful hall stand was mine! The other more exciting way to do it of course is to bid in the auction and that’s easy too – you just wave your number and try not to get carried away.

If you haven’t experienced the buzz of an auction or if your house is looking a little too much like an Ikea showroom then head to the next event  in the Mullingar Auction Rooms.