Westcove Farmhouse – Not your ordinary template based website.

We recently finished a website for Westcove Farmhouse, who offer  self catering accommodation in the Ring of Kerry with magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and lake. Proprietor Jane Urquart also runs a bakery (check out the gorgeous cakes) and a shop from the premises so you won’t be short of things to eat and do if you’re staying at Westcove.

opens Westcove Farmhouse website

The ‘Oatmeal Cookie’ Solution

This was our first ‘Oatmeal Cookie’ website package to go live so we wanted to show off just how lovely a template based website can look. Usually, if you mention website template to a web designer you get a lot of sniffy comments and rolling of eyes. And to be honest the majority of template websites out  there are pretty ordinary – we had to search long and hard for a template offering that we could proudly put our name too. If your sceptical take a good look at Westcove Farmhouse – you might be pleasantly surprised.

The website is built on the WordPress platform and instead of creating a fully customised design we used a template and designed a header image that really suited the Westcove Farmhouse style. We then applied a complimentary colour scheme. We hope you agree that the results are look  great.

Content Management

Using the WordPress framework allows  Jane  to update the content of her website quickly and easily. She can manage her keywords and descriptions, add images to the gallery and to individual pages and add extra pages if the website needs to expand.

The Oatmeal Cookie website package starts from just €550.

This covers:

  • a website of 6 pages
  • content management facility
  • design of header image & colour scheme
  • content migration of text for 6 pages (one image per page)
  • free hosting for one year
  • access to ‘how to’ training videos

Optional add ons include:

  • contact form
  • image gallery
  • extra pages
  • installation & configuration of WordPress plugins

Great value for an entry level website

So yes, the package offers amazing value!  However with that comes restrictions on design, layout and content and while this suits many small business and individuals down to the ground it’s worth noting that the Oatmeal Cookie website package is not for everyone. If you need to stand out from the crowd, have a company identity that needs particular requirements, need a shop or have a lot of content then the Oatmeal Cookie isn’t what you need. If you have any queries -please get in touch; we’re more than happy to chat about what we can do for you, your requirements and your budget.

3 Responses to “Westcove Farmhouse – Not your ordinary template based website.”

  1. Ian

    Heidi & Orla!
    Nice site, really lovely colour scheme.
    I noticed on the ‘Contact Us & Map’ page the location of the Cottages is a wee stone’s throw from Scart House – the ancestral home of the Jermyns (3 generations back?)…

  2. Heidi Jermyn

    Hi Ian!
    I know – it’s crazy isn’t it. I did mention this to Jane too. 2 reasons to visit the Ring of Kerry again sometime soon.