After the Revolution

Cookie Web has recently completed the website for the brilliant new documentary After the Revolution by Leticia Agudo and Paul McGrath of Whackala Films. The website is powered by WordPress which allows full access to all the content for updating and expansion. In a month we’ll be adding a multilingual plugin so that a Spanish version of the site can be implemented quickly and without hassle by Leticia and Paul themselves.

Check out it out :

After the Revolution Documentary website

After the Revolution Documentary website

Sistas doing it for themselves…

I’ve always been a big fan of women’s (yes specifically, after all we’ve been doing it for millenia whilst the lads speared things) handicrafts, so I was delighted to receive a bunch of photo scans of embroidery and stitching collected by Leticia and to be used in the design of the website. Take note in particular of the gorgeous stitching of the balaclavad woman wielding a stick and carrying her child. This motif actually sums up beautifully the theme of the documentary. Best put into words by Leticia Agudo, the Director:

“The Zapatista National Liberation Army, formed mostly of indigenous men and women, started a war of self-defence for their identity, their land and a place in Mexican society. The women rebels also wanted justice within their own culture.

After the Revolution (Después del Zapatismo) is a unique documentary showing the impact on their lives today through one very special family.”

Check out the trailer for After the Revolution – and watch out for screenings, it’s sure to be hitting the Irish festival circuit in next 12 months.

2 Responses to “After the Revolution”

  1. Paul McGrath

    Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on the website. Were really happy with it and have got great feedback from all who have seen it.