Beautiful online shops that sell!


Research from Visa Europe shows Irish consumers are set to spend a total of €420 million online on gifts in the run up to Christmas, with an average spend of €227 per shopper. Cite: Visa Europe

Need we say more! But we will of course. Getting a shop up and running in the last couple of years has got vastly easier (and cheaper). The two systems we use and recommend (see below) make it easy for you to manage and sell your stock online. From a small shop attached to your blog or website that sells a few products to a full enterprise solution capable of selling 1000s of items – Cookie Web will create a gorgeous custom design, develop and deploy it online and train you in the management of it all.

Tools of the trade

We love WordPress and we love WooCommerce – a great shop plugin that allows you to sell products on your WordPress website. If you need something with a little more grunt, then PrestaShop delivers the full monty in online ecommerce systems. Between the two we’ve got you and your plans of online shopping domination covered!