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Formal Education and Web Design #fail in #imho

I attended a Crafthouse evening last Tuesday that focused on Education and the Web – the front end specifically, including front-end development, website design and animation as well. The crux of it was whether (or rather why) Irish formal education, such as degree and various diploma courses, are failing to deliver the relevant skills to…

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WordPress Video Tutorials

Lately we’ve been concentrating on putting together some short YouTube clips on WordPress beginner basics – all videos are under 2 minutes and we’ve created them especially for you guys to help you get started with WordPress.

Milking It

While I am here in Australia I thought I’d share a few stories I’ve picked up in the papers and online. This one is your classic David & Goliath…

Email Marketing for Beginners

What is Email Marketing? Essentially email marketing is sending regular email newsletters to a list of subscribers with intent to build a relationship, usually for commercial purposes. Despite social media being darling of online marketers and the rest of us (lets face it – it’s fun and addictive) email marketing still offers the best return…

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All Shiny and New!

We’ve got our new website up and running for the new year to go with our beautiful new logo. We love the Pinterest inspired “wall of posts” at the bottom of the homepage and archive pages – what do you think? And it will resize quite beautifully* too as it’s built on a responsive WordPress…

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“Build it and they will come” – Actually, probably not.

In the early days of the internet – maybe 10 – 15 years ago the “Build it and they will come” adage might have rung true for a little while but not so anymore. These days you can’t just make a website, sit back and expect your page visits to miraculously multiply and orders to…

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Favourite Core Business Tools

Business tools we use in the Cookie Web office

Just thought we’d share a little love on the core business tools we throughout the day in the Cookie Web office. Not doubt you’ve heard of most of them – but these are our core tools that help us through the day at Cookie Web. And they are all internet based – except for one!…

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Website Grants for 2013 from Westmeath Enterprise Board

Once again the Westmeath Enterprise Board are offering grants for website development: …the grant available may be offered at a rate of up to 50% of the eligible cost of your website. A maximum of €1,000 is available for websites with a sell on-line facility and for those developing or upgrading a brochure website, a…

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