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Having worked in some of Ireland’s leading web development agencies for the best part of 5 years, Orla Duncan launched Cookie Web Consulting in late 2008.

We were very keen to be situated in the Irish midlands (thus avoiding the commuter crush!) – Cookie Web HQ is located in Mullingar, County Westmeath.

One of our motivations was to start a web development company that offered beautiful web solutions at a sensible price. It seemed to us that all too often small business and individuals either have to remortgage their house to get a well designed website or they have to compromise on quality and make do with a website that is cheap but unattractive in design and features. At Cookie Web Consulting we know, from considerable experience, that it is very possible to deliver a website that looks and functions beautifully and doesn’t cost the earth.

Why not get in touch and discover that at Cookie Web online gorgeousness and cost effectiveness are not inversely related.

Orla Duncan

Director and Detail Fanatic

Orla Duncan

Orla Duncan

Orla is from Mullingar and has been working in IT and the web industry for 11 years. In the initial years Orla was a developer in Dublin and spent her working hours building and maintaining sites for a variety of private and public sector clients such as permanent tsb, C&C and eircom.

Orla’s fantastic organisational skills and particular attention to detail saw her rise through the ranks quickly, becoming a Senior Project Manager for a leading Irish web development agency. In this role she developed and managed projects with clients such as Revenue, National Museum of Ireland and OSi (Ordnance Survey Ireland).

In her downtime Orla can usually be found at specially selected Mullingar venues in spirited discussion on music, CSS and the underatedness of her beloved home town.

You can find out more Orla on LinkedIn or follow her tweets.

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