Why we LOVE WordPress

Selecting a CMS

In the early days of Cookie Web, we wanted to select a CMS (Content Management System) that would fit with the Cookie ethos – easy to use (especially for clients), great for SEO, an easy platform to develop with, and a pretty interface – well, we have to look at it every day so a pretty UI is very important to us.

We had a look at Joomla – too complex. We attended a workshop on Drupal – a good contender but again, too complex for our needs and pretty slow going to develop a site. We had already worked a little with WordPress so we decided to go with that. And we haven’t looked back since!

Joomla vs WordPress

What prompted me to write this post is I’ve been doing a bit of work on a Joomla site recently (note: we didn’t design this one). I find it such a headache… trawling through links in the dashboard trying to find out where pieces of content are in order for me to do a few simple text edits. Groan!! Luckily for me, my client agreed to let us redevelop the website in WordPress.

Have a look at the forklift-hire.ie website. It’s built on WordPress using a child theme of the Woo Canvas theme. I love that it’s responsive and that it’s so easy to update the content (text, images, etc).

WordPress – we LOVE you!!

Forklift Hire - click to launch website

Forklift Hire – click to launch website