WordPress Video Tutorials

In case you didn’t know Cookie Web has a dedicated How To & Tutorials website that we update regularly with video, infographics and step by step instructional blog posts to help our clients and friends get the best out of their WordPress website, Facebook pages, MailChimp software and more.

Lately we’ve been concentrating on putting together some short YouTube clips on WordPress beginner basics – all videos are under 2 minutes and we’ve created them especially for you guys to help you get started with WordPress. You can check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel or play the clips below. We hope these are really helpful for you in getting started with WordPress or refreshing your skills.

1) Logging into WordPress

In addition to the video you can also check out the accompanying, all-in-one graphic that shows you how to login to WordPress.

2) Create a New Post/Page

3) How to Insert an Image into a Post/Page

4) How to Embed a YouTube video into a Post/Page

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