Camara: Something old, something new.

Cookie Web are thrilled with the launch of the new Camara website.

Camara is our favourite charity – we love what they do with computers… Camara reuses Irish PCs destined for landfill and recycling, installs educational software and distributes them to learning places in countries throughout Africa. You can read about their wonderful work on their brand spanking, new, gorgeous website.

The new website - click to launch website

The new website – click to launch website

We choose to use WordPress for the website as most of the staff and volunteers were familiar with the application – and despite the size (60+ pages and literally 100’s of blog entries) WordPress handles itself very well and allows for inevitable expansion as Camara grows online and offline.

Cookie Web were so delighted to design the new website and worked closely with the Camara team to create a site architecture that would cater to a diverse range of visitors to the website. The design needed to be funky enough to appeal to a predominantly youthful, volunteering audience but also have a commercial aspect to appeal to the corporate visitors as well. We wanted the design to be modern and hip but longevity was a key element so the resulting design looks contemporary but not faddish and should stand the test time with out looking dated by the middle of 2010.

We’ll leave the final word with Eoghan Crosby, Camara’s Technical Directory:

“I would like to thank Cookieweb for our new website. We love the fresh look and the fact that it is expandable as our requirements grow. We are able to easily update our content as and when we like and to keep potential volunteers and customers readily informed about our services and events. Cookie Web’s personable and professional service meant that the process was swift, innovative and delivered at a very reasonable cost.”