We’ve been busy!

Thanks to our recent coverage on the TV and a number of regional papers Cookie Web has been quite busy of late – not that is valid excuse for neglecting the blog mind you! A couple of website have debuted online:

Camara’s Charity Cup

Camara Charity Cup Website

Camara Charity Cup

Another great idea from the dynamic team at Camara. The Camara Charity Cup pitches Irish companies against each other in a Fantasy Football style GAA Championship competition. Companies select teams at the start of season and win points for each games win. The companies also take part in weekly quizzes and point prediction which also allow companies to accrue points. The competition winners and runner ups are in line for some fantastic prizes. Check out the website and get in touch with Camara if you’d like your company to get involved.

Matt’s Endless Bender

Global Bender

Global Bender

Matt has had another brainwave and come up with Global Bender; a brilliant way to mark the halfway point of his 12 month round the world Odyssey of back to back yoga challenges (that is Bikram yoga everyday for a whole year). For the month of June he is calling on all Bikram Yoga Studios and yogis to take part in a worldwide 30 day Yoga Challenge. And believe me, to endure 30 days of Bikram yoga (let alone 365 days) is quite a feat. To get involved please check out the Global Bender page on Matt’s Website and be sure to check out Matt’s blog while your there.

Cookie Web designed the Global Bender logo and this groovy poster that participating studios can print out and display. As the Matt’s website was created in WordPress we were able to add new page, including a registration form, quickly and easily.

3 Responses to “We’ve been busy!”

  1. Matt

    Hi Heidi and Orla,
    You gals are legends! Heidi, thanks for the lightening fast changes, additions and advice with endlessbender.com and helping launch “Global Bender – June 2009” in style!

  2. Matt

    Thinking about it wont get you anywhere Heidi 🙂 If you cant get into the studio, you should get hold of Bikram’s CD and crank up the heater at home!